PureMVC Framework for haXe: API Documentation
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class List<T>
A linked-list of elements. The list is composed of two-elements arrays that are chained together. It's optimized so that adding or removing an element doesn't imply to copy the whole array content everytime.
var length(default,null) : Int
The number of elements in this list.
function new() : Void
Creates a new empty list.
function add(item : T) : Void
Add an element at the end of the list.
function clear() : Void
Makes the list empty.
function filter(f : T -> Bool) : List<T>
Returns a list filtered with f. The returned list will contain all elements x for which f(x) = true.
function first() : T
Returns the first element of the list, or null if the list is empty.
function isEmpty() : Bool
Tells if a list is empty.
function iterator() : Iterator<T>
Returns an iterator on the elements of the list.
function join(sep : String) : String
Join the element of the list by using the separator sep.
function last() : T
Returns the last element of the list, or null if the list is empty.
function map<X>(f : T -> X) : List<X>
Returns a new list where all elements have been converted by the function f.
function pop() : T
Removes the first element of the list and returns it or simply returns null if the list is empty.
function push(item : T) : Void
Push an element at the beginning of the list.
function remove(v : T) : Bool
Remove the first element that is == v from the list. Returns true if an element was removed, false otherwise.
function toString() : String
Returns a displayable representation of the String.
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