PureMVC Framework for haXe: API Documentation
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class org.puremvc.haxe.patterns.proxy.Proxy
extends org.puremvc.haxe.patterns.observer.Notifier
implements org.puremvc.haxe.interfaces.IProxy

A base IProxy implementation.

In PureMVC, Proxy classes are used to manage parts of the application's data model.

A Proxy might simply manage a reference to a local data object, in which case interacting with it might involve setting and getting of its data in synchronous fashion.

Proxy classes are also used to encapsulate the application's interaction with remote services to save or retrieve data, in which case, we adopt an asyncronous idiom; setting data (or calling a method) on the Proxy and listening for a Notification to be sent when the Proxy has retrieved the data from the service.

function new(?proxyName : String, ?data : Dynamic) : Void
function getData() : Dynamic
Get the data object
function getProxyName() : String
Get the proxy name
function onRegister() : Void
Called by the Model when the Proxy is registered
function onRemove() : Void
Called by the Model when the Proxy is removed
function setData(data : Dynamic) : Void
Set the data object
static var NAME : String
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