PureMVC Framework for haXe: API Documentation
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class org.puremvc.haxe.patterns.observer.Observer
implements org.puremvc.haxe.interfaces.IObserver

A base IObserver implementation.

An Observer is an object that encapsulates information about an interested object with a method that should be called when a particular INotification is broadcast.

In PureMVC, the Observer class assumes these responsibilities:

function new(notifyMethod : Dynamic -> Void, notifyContext : Dynamic) : Void


The notification method on the interested object should take one parameter of type INotification

function compareNotifyContext(object : Dynamic) : Bool
Compare an object to the notification context.
function notifyObserver(notification : org.puremvc.haxe.interfaces.INotification) : Void
Notify the interested object.
function setNotifyContext(notifyContext : Dynamic) : Void
Set the notification context.
function setNotifyMethod(notifyMethod : Dynamic -> Void) : Void

Set the notification method.

The notification method should take one parameter of type INotification.

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