PureMVC Framework for haXe: API Documentation
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interface org.puremvc.haxe.interfaces.INotifier

The interface definition for a PureMVC Notifier.

MacroCommand, Command, Mediator and Proxy all have a need to send Notifications.

The INotifier interface provides a common method called sendNotification that relieves implementation code of the necessity to actually construct Notifications.

The Notifier class, which all of the above mentioned classes extend, also provides an initialized reference to the Facade Singleton, which is required for the convienience method for sending Notifications, but also eases implementation as these classes have frequent Facade interactions and usually require access to the facade anyway.

function sendNotification(notificationName : String, ?body : Dynamic, ?type : String) : Void

Send a INotification.

Convenience method to prevent having to construct new notification instances in our implementation code.

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