PureMVC Framework for haXe: API Documentation
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interface org.puremvc.haxe.interfaces.IFacade

The interface definition for a PureMVC Facade.

The Facade Pattern suggests providing a single class to act as a central point of communication for a subsystem.

In PureMVC, the Facade acts as an interface between the core MVC actors (Model, View, Controller) and the rest of your application.

function hasCommand(notificationName : String) : Bool
Check if a Command is registered for a given Notification
function hasMediator(mediatorName : String) : Bool
Check if a Mediator is registered or not
function hasProxy(proxyName : String) : Bool
Check if a Proxy is registered
function notifyObservers(note : INotification) : Void

Notify the IObservers for a particular INotification.

All previously attached IObservers for this INotification's list are notified and are passed a reference to the INotification in the order in which they were registered.

NOTE: Use this method only if you are sending custom Notifications. Otherwise use the sendNotification method which does not require you to create the Notification instance.

function registerCommand(noteName : String, commandClassRef : Class<ICommand>) : Void
Register an ICommand with the Controller.
function registerMediator(mediator : IMediator) : Void
Register an IMediator instance with the View.
function registerProxy(proxy : IProxy) : Void
Register an IProxy with the Model by name.
function removeCommand(notificationName : String) : Void
Remove a previously registered ICommand to INotification mapping from the Controller.
function removeMediator(mediatorName : String) : IMediator
Remove a IMediator instance from the View.
function removeProxy(proxyName : String) : IProxy
Remove an IProxy instance from the Model by name.
function retrieveMediator(mediatorName : String) : IMediator
Retrieve an IMediator instance from the View.
function retrieveProxy(proxyName : String) : IProxy
Retrieve a IProxy from the Model by name.
function sendNotification(notificationName : String, ?body : Dynamic, ?type : String) : Void
Create and send an INotification.
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