PureMVC Framework for haXe: API Documentation
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class Hash<T>
Hashtable over a set of elements, using String as keys. Other kind of keys are not possible on all platforms since they can't always be implemented efficiently.
function new() : Void
Creates a new empty hashtable.
function exists(key : String) : Bool
Tells if a value exists for the given key. In particular, it's useful to tells if a key has a null value versus no value.
function get(key : String) : Null<T>
Get a value for the given key.
function iterator() : Iterator<T>
Returns an iterator of all values in the hashtable.
function keys() : Iterator<String>
Returns an iterator of all keys in the hashtable.
function remove(key : String) : Bool
Removes a hashtable entry. Returns true if there was such entry.
function set(key : String, value : T) : Void
Set a value for the given key.
function toString() : String
Returns an displayable representation of the hashtable content.
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