PureMVC Framework for haXe: API Documentation
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extern class Array<T>
An Array is a storage for values. You can access it using indexes or with its API. On the server side, it's often better to use a List which is less memory and CPU consuming, unless you really need indexed access.
var length(default,null) : Int
The length of the Array
function new() : Void
Creates a new Array.
function concat(a : Array<T>) : Array<T>
Returns a new Array by appending a to this.
function copy() : Array<T>
Returns a copy of the Array. The values are not copied, only the Array structure.
function insert(pos : Int, x : T) : Void
Inserts the element x at the position pos. All elements after pos are moved one index ahead.
function iterator() : Iterator<Null<T>>
Returns an iterator of the Array values.
function join(sep : String) : String
Returns a representation of an array with sep for separating each element.
function pop() : Null<T>
Removes the last element of the array and returns it.
function push(x : T) : Int
Adds the element x at the end of the array.
function remove(x : T) : Bool
Removes the first occurence of x. Returns false if x was not present. Elements are compared by using standard equality.
function reverse() : Void
Reverse the order of elements of the Array.
function shift() : Null<T>
Removes the first element and returns it.
function slice(pos : Int, ?end : Int) : Array<T>
Copies the range of the array starting at pos up to, but not including, end. Both pos and end can be negative to count from the end: -1 is the last item in the array.
function sort(f : T -> T -> Int) : Void
Sort the Array according to the comparison function f. f(x,y) should return 0 if x == y, >0 if x > y and <0 if x < y.
function splice(pos : Int, len : Int) : Array<T>
Removes len elements starting from pos an returns them.
function toString() : String
Returns a displayable representation of the Array content.
function unshift(x : T) : Void
Adds the element x at the start of the array.
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