PureMVC Moves to GitHub
Sunday, 07 October 2012

ImageAs you may know, for the last 5 years or so, the PureMVC project has been hosted in SVN repositories and documented by Trac wikis, all hosted gratis by CVSDude, which then became Codesion, which has now become CloudForge.


The project has gone through growth spurts from ports to various languages, and a great many contributors have worked hard to provide ports, utilities, and demos. However there has always been a giant bottleneck, and that's me. Because the setup and security of the repositories and wikis via the Codesion interface has always been cumbersome, I have managed the creation of the wikis and the initial checkin of projects. The overhead associated with that (as well as verifying the project contents) has always been at least a half-day of effort, sometimes more than a day's worth. This has meant that when code goes into the queue, it sometimes takes quite a while before it shows up on 


Then along came GitHub. Social coding. What a concept. Fork a project, fix a bug and send a pull request to the owner and it can be folded back into the original project with the touch of a button. Amazing. No muss, no fuss, just dive in and start coding.


GitHub even has their own application for Mac or Windows that allows you to manage projects without having to install and learn the git command line interface. Just click the 'clone to this computer' button on any GitHub repo. And you can always just download a .zip file of a project with a button click (I no longer need to create and publish an archive manually).


So, several months ago, I began migrating all the projects to GitHub. They are all there now, and the wiki is much easier to navigate and understand.  


The SVN repositories will be left in place for as long as CloudForge will host them, but no new projects will be added to SVN and no updates to existing projects will be made in SVN. They are only there in case you have a build process that pulls in code from This is your notice to change that process to pull from GitHub, as there is no guarantee that the SVN repos will always be there. 


The Trac wikis at have been set up to redirect here:



 Also, per-language subdomains have been setup for quick access to their associated PureMVC GitHub repo wiki:


 ActionScript 2
 ActionScript 3
 Objective C



















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