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PureMVC for Perl Now Available!
Sunday, 01 May 2011
ImageI personally began using Perl back in the earliest days of the web, when the animation company I worked for morphed into an ISP overnight and told me to figure out what a 'webmaster' was and be it.
I quickly discovered the need to master CGI (Common Gateway Interface, not Computer Generated Imagery which I was leaving sadly behind as more web projects piled up on my desk). Most other CGI-capable languages of the day had to be compiled, but Perl was blazing fast, interpreted (quick to edit and test) and had an elegant syntax that provided many ways to solve any given problem. When one of my good friends and co-workers (a C programmer) first saw Perl, he remarked "it looks like line noise".
I suppose one man's elegance is another's line noise.
That was in the days of Perl 4, which wasn't very object-oriented at all. But that was ok. In those days, we all (in our shop at least) forked the sign of the evil eye at OOP programs anyway. We'd seen (we thought) what happened when you applied that particular stripe of voodoo to your code when a really awesome animation program we used was rewritten in OOP. Everything got SLOOOOOOOOW! What we didn't understand was that it is just as easy to write bad OOP code as anything else.
At any rate, we were writing this system that allowed people to write dynamic websites, and we were storing referenced code snippits in a database and executing them on the fly while assembling the HTML output. You need an interpreted language like Perl to pull that sort of thing off easily. So as our system iterated, the requirements started to look more and more Object Oriented. Our whiteboard was covered in pseudo class hierarchy designs for this thing when my co-worker came in waving the green Perl 5 'Camel' book over his head and shouting "They've done it! We have classes!" All those scribblings on our board were pretty much taken care of with Perl 5, no need to hack up a framework to support pseudo-OOP. Woop!
Over the years many languages have come in and out of vogue, but a huge part of the Internet as we know it is still written and maintained in Perl 5. Since Perl is a language I spent nearly 10 years programming in, I always thought I'd get around to porting it myself. But after moving into server-side Java and then on to client-side AS3, my Perl chops faded somewhat over the years for lack of use. My Camel book is still only 5 steps from my desk, though.

Well, now I have a great reason to get back into it. Frederic Sullet has ported PureMVC to Perl 5! Based on the latest, mature AS3 reference implementation, it is fully documented and unit tested. Frederic is also currently working on a MultiCore port, and will be answering your questions and fielding bug reports in the forums.


UPDATE: Frederic has now finished a fully documented and unit tested MultiCore port as well!


Thanks, Frederic!


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