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Exploring ETFs



This e-learning B2B financial microsite was created by IQ Interactive for Barclays Global. It was built using PureMVC, FlexBuilder 3 (AS3 + Flash) and PaperVision 2.0 Alpha.


As the art director on the project put it, its really the total package. Within a PaperVision3D environment, it incorporates photo-realistic 3D models with studio-shot video, custom-manufactured props, an elegantly intuitive design, and a custom-composed soundtrack.


Website: Visit now  

Design:  Chesley Lowe

Legends of Valhalla: THOR
This excellent movie tie-in site was done by Sammi, the lead programmer at, who says: We just released a new site: as usual, we used PureMVC and as usual we loved doing it.
Website: Visit Now
Author: Gagarin  
Nedvang is a Dutch organisation overseeing the recycling of all packaging material in the Netherlands. The new site combines two sites into one: a showcase of their successes, and a corporate website with information for its different stakeholders.
Pascal Immerzeel, is the Frontend Developer at dpdk Rotterdam the agency who built the site. As he explains, "We mainly develop Flash websites, but this was to be a single-page HTML site. We used the vanilla version of the PureMVC JavaScript Port. jQuery was the basis for animation, AJAX abstraction to our Drupal 7 backend and DOM manipulation. jQueryAddress was the most important plugin, because deep-linking was a main requirement. An added bonus was to be nominated for 2 awards!"
Editor's Note: Don't just use your mouse on the NedVang app. Use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate, and see the interesting way the page adapts to the area you've navigated to!
Visit Site: NedVang
Agency: dpdk  
NCM FirstLook Online
NCM's FirstLook Online site is a great way to find out what movies are playing near you, how they're doing at the box office, who is starring, and what theater-goers are thinking about the latest offerings. They also have small companion widgets that can be used for advertising.
James Spivey, Flex/ActionScript Developer on the project recalls: "We used PureMVC with the Pipes addon to enable a quickly scalable and reusable module architecture that let one parent module manage an infinite number of children modules that could be plugged in and controlled. So pretty much any type of media module, video, picture, text so on could be plugged in and controlled and then unloaded as needed. It was built internally to NCM by myself and one other developer."
Visit Site: FirstLook
Author: NCM  
Studio Inside



Studio Inside is the portfolio of Thibaud Philippron, a Belgian interior architect. It uses PureMVC and deeplinking via SWFAddress. The design is based on Thibaud's business card.

The website has been made by Francois Massart of in about 2 weeks.


Website: Visit now  


Sea of Arrows



The official website for the recording project Sea of Arrows. You can hear all the tracks online for free while watching some cool visualizations at this PureMVC MultiCore / Flex-based website


Website: Visit now  

Author:  Futurescale, Inc.

PagodaBox is a cloud hosting provider specializing in user-customized  PHP application hosting architectures. They have deployed an awesome application for configuring your solution and providing instant pricing. Mark, a developer at PagodaBox tells us he built the application using the PureMVC Native JavaScript port along with JQuery, spine.js, and Easel.js. "I couldn't be more happy to see a PureMVC native javascript port," Mark says. "I've used it for a dozen flash projects and was sorely missing it on the js side of things."
Visit Site: PagodaBox  
Equazion is a modular business decision support tool for the enterprise. Wim Van Buynder of PWC Belgium told us a little bit about the project.

"Equazion is built on top of the PureMVC Multicore for AS3 framework. On the server-side, we have C# services, and we use Fluorine to handle the AMF-traffic. Next to the PureMVC framework, we have implemented our own metamodel-framework, which allows us to request generic results from the webserver based on the available data."
Website: Visit Now
Author: PwC Belgium
DNA Vector Editor



A team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has released an Open Source, PureMVC-based cross platform and cross browser DNA sequence editing and analysis tool.


Demo: View now  

Website:  Project Home


Moto CMS
Moto CMS is an advanced Flash content management system butil on PureMVC MultiCore that enables you to create attractive, functional and SEO-friendly Flash websites.
Website: Visit Now
ProgressMonitor for PowerSchool
This tool graphs the test results of a student who is targeted for Progress Monitoring. It enables educators to track progress of students and to apply intervention strategies to help improve student academic performance. Educators can verify if the applied intervention is positively impacting performance, or change direction if it is not working. The value is that this tool enables you to track performance and apply an intervention before students fall behind.
Diane Dougherty, a UX and Flex/ActionScript Developer on the project had this to say: "The client side of this application is built with the PureMVC framework. Adopting PureMVC has helped to standardize our code raising the level of our software quality while increasing our velocity."
Author: Pearson  
Proasis3 - Protein Structure Explorer
Proasis3 is high performance rich internet application for medicines research and drug discovery that enables experts and non-experts alike to explore, navigate, compare and contrast three dimensional protein structure data. Proasis3 is built using Python/PureMVC_Python/pyjamas (python implementation of GWT).
Website: Visit Now
Author: DesertSci  
Tremolo Player



AEGDM's Tremolo Player has been used by YouTube to replace their video player when they need a reliable "live" player, as well as Oscars, The Royal Wedding, Coachella.

Tremolo is an AS3 / OSMF 1.5 / PureMVC 2.0.4 based application. Astor Rivera, the lead developer and architect, says "It started as a simple video player implementation take over from the previous company who worked on Tremolo. With PureMVC I was able to quickly turn it around and make it a world class video player application."

Website:   Visit now  

Author:  Astor Digital Inc.




Written in PureMVC and AIR, MiniTask is a free, fast and easy-to-use task management application that helps you with organising your daily todos more efficiently. It supports features like drag 'n' drop reorder, alarm timers, printing of pretty task sheets, copying tasks from and to other applications etc. Because it is an AIR application, it installs easily over the web.


Website: Visit now  

Author:  betriebsraum




WS Slideshow is a slick, customizable PureMVC-based Flash application for easily creating slideshows and embedding them into any website. The feature set is very rich, the interaction smooth and the size of the compiled application is unbelievably small. 


You can download WS-Slideshow and use it free for private and non-commercial purposes. 


Website: Download now  

Author:  Jens Krause // WEBSECTOR.DE




Built with Flex and PureMVC, Scribblar is a simple and effective online collaboration tool. In short, an online classroom which enables users to interact with one another in real time, using a shared whiteboard to annotate images, collaboratively draw and edit text and use live audio, video and text chat to communicate regardless of their location. A basic personal account is free, and customers can choose to upgrade to Scribblar Pro which can be integrated seamlessly into any existing site. Scribblar makes this easy by offering a comprehensive API and white-label functionality. Currently in use by customers on over 20 countries, Scribblar serves in excess of 1,500 collaborative sessions per day.


Demo: Try it now

Author: MuchosMedia


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